Povijest tvrđave

Fort Punta Christo was built in four phases.

1st PHASE: Martello tower with 10,40 meters diameter was built in 1836.

2nd PHASE: From 1857 till 1859 was built a bigger circular fort of diameter 25,5 meters. Martello tower was integrated in this new fort.

3rd PHASE: In 1864 and 1865  was built a broad circular fort with diameter 71,50 meters, fort from earlier phase remained incorporated in this new fort with inside and outside defensive trench (moat).

4th PHASE: On the fort from 3rd phase were built two lateral "wings" from 1880 till 1883.  In addition of wings this new fort was transformed into a larger polygonal fort with armored steel dome with 2 canons of 28 centimeters diameter.

In that time fort Punta Christo was the biggest and the strongest modern armored fort of K.u.K. (Kaiserlich und Königlich, Imperial and royal, Habsburg Monarchy) fortified artillery.

Fort was build by stone from local quarry. Defensive trench was hollowed out of solid rock.
There are few underground and underwater tunnels but we still don't know much. Whole town of Pula has underwater and underground tunnels which are interconnected. In Pula there are 49 forts which are not all in good conditions. Just few forts are used.

1945. - On the 22nd february 1945. Fort was damaged by allied bombing.

1945- 1980. - From 1945 till 1980 was abandoned.

1982. Fort was used as an ammunition depot for 139th Guards Naval Infantry Brigade.

2001.-2003. Dado with few friends started to clean the fort on 2001. On the 2003. we have established Association of Friends Costal Fort Punta Christo Štinjan.

2003. - 2004. first and second  Seasplash festival was held on fort Punta Christo, what started intense cooperation with Seasplash association. So after 2nd Seasplash we start to organise parties on fort.

2010. -  Seasplash Summer Club was opened, working from may till october, with parties every weekend. First year of Outlook festival at the fort.

2011. - succesfull edition of Outlook festival won UK festival award for best European festival & 1st year of Sirup Nation festival in the first week of August.

2012. - Seasplash festival came back home to the fort for its 10 years anniversary, Sirup Nation changed the organization and its name to Slurp! and 1st Dimensions festival happened on the 2nd weekend of September

2013 -Fort Punta Christo is nowadays home of Seasplash Summer Club for the period from late May to late September, with events on every weekend and sometimes more, including 6 festival events: regionally popular Seasplash and Slurp! festivals, worldwide acknowledged Outlook and Dimensions festivals, and Life Celebration and Future Nature festivals for psy-trance crowds.

2013 - sees Fort Punta Christo with the new official website, followed by fresh visual branding and many fresh ideas... stay updated and join us!